Totally crazy: Two Fish

On this sim are installations by three artists and builders who build totally different and are from three different countries, Netherlands, USA and France. But in some topics they are equal: the desire to build, the wish to get rid of boring reality while they greatly entertain their visitors with many details and animations. I try not to spend many words about it, you can see for yourself.


 At the landing point of her standing in the water around you are roses, fish, bigs and bald baby doll with big blue eyes that follow you everywhere. The water is shallow, you can run around and get through the boxes one TP to the higher courts. Look at what Rose Borchovski has to tell on standardized beauty and interchangeability.


At the landing point, there is also a TP to SaveMe Oh. Huge heads, balls, Nothing .......  check them out.

SaveMe loves to provoke. At the opening of Gravity & Light Show at Caerleon she wore alternately some of their huge objects. One thing I've photographed:

BTW: The Light & Gravity Show is worth seeing. 15 of the best builders of SL show their ideas about the theme: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Caerleon%20Isle/219/109/22

3. EUPALINOS UGAJIN: One Day My Cow Will Come

The name is as unusual as the work. At the landing point you can go to 3 TP spots and by clicking on the box in the center the floor opens. So the best way is to fly. It opens a small world with many witty ideas. You can wallow in a fish pile, run by a HUD on the ceiling and save the world * gg * Did I mention that I take no liability for my Travel Tips? * gg * This also applies to the literally impressive photo studio you should not miss under any circumstances.  Just go through the door, even when seemingly nothing behind it. Every time you jump on the posestand there is a new Ani.

Behind that Café is the Photostudio
And then there's a catapult. You can do it by clicking on the box above and fill with items of your choice by clicking on the second Box set in motion. If you want to fly together with the items, rez the bear (No. 20) and cuddle in his arms.

Eupalinos explains the catapult
The fan on the sieve is quite effectice ;)
In the Center of the sieve are some translucend hats. Click on the several times. You will get 5 various cool hats created by well known artists.

And where is the cow? Write the word "kou" in the open chat or grab the hud and you know it .......

If not for the builder, Eupalinos Ugajin to show me around, I would not have discovered everything. I would be happy to organize a group tour to show you all.  Contact me in case of interest!

Taxi to 2 Fish:   http://slurl.com/secondlife//100/113/21


Eupalinos Ugajin said...

kou !

Quan Lavender said...

Thank you for that deep and thoughtful comment :D

But seriously: Thank you for not only asking for a blog, but showing me how to do and pushing me! *Hugs*