1986: Chernobyl

By the disaster in Fukushima, we were reminded not only of being helpless facing the forces of nature, but also that we cannot control dangerous techniques. That brought me bad memories of Chernobyl. I was a young mother. The fear for the children and the helpless rage that our leaders had downplayed the true extent of the catastrophe. For far too long we have let our children play outside as all of Western Europe already was in a radioactive cloud.
 Anyway, I had to smile when I landed at the Chernobyl Combat Sim. There are no nuclear power plants. But it is a true symphony in gray-brown tones of real existing socialism, as I have admired in the months and years following the turn on business trips and are nowadays not much longer seen. Too bad that the homes in the prefab buildings are not set. I would like to enjoy once again the beautiful tapestries and carpets of that era;) Also the swimming hall is really inviting. And the port is an American warship O_O

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