Adventure: Retropolis

This adventure sim is designed with great passion for details by Tricia Farella. You land on a ship in rough seas. There's a lot to do like to scrub the floor or arm wrestling. If you click on the bell, a sea monster wraps its tentacles around the ship. Help!

But this is only the beginning of a great adventure. On the ship you see a magic lamp with a genie who will lead you to other destinations. Look closely at all. There is always something to do and secret doors or ladders to other destinations. From swamp to desert, from dark dungeon to witch tower, everything is possible. Not all goals are to find by the magic lamp. Here is a small selection:

And there is a real tricky maze. I managed to escape which irregular methods ;) I missed my other half who always finds a way out.
And if you're tired, go back to the ship and in to the room. There is a secret door that leads you to a great Palm Island. You find a shipwreck, places to stay, a shower and a spa. Wonderful!

Taxi: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Dream%20Reliance/135/137/1521

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