Fun, Romance, Art, Challenge - Everything in One: Risk City

Explore Sexy Secrets; Mysteries & Art is the title of the sim. It consists of 17 stations where you get to by tp. You should take your time to explore every station. You will find many pose balls with romantic, surreal or funny scenes. And you should zoom around with your camera. You always find new perspectives which change the impression of the scene completely as well as changing of daytimes. SuzeLaRousse Milo, Owner and Designer posted some pics in the internet: http://www.koinup.com/Suzelarousse/work/321382/ Her goal was to create a dreamworld and I think that was reached with brilliance. 
There is so much so see and to do that it took us 2 evenings to get through everything. Another reason was that we took loads of photos.

Grab your free survival case at the landing pont and take the tp. The first landing is an ice world. You can get there by ice skaters for free. And very funny is another gift you can get there, an attachment which gives you a realistic walk on the slippery ice. Simply wear it.
Swen tried to catch a fish with his hands whle I'm freezing to the extend that I am wearing an icecube on my head ;)

It was very interesting to see how diferent we have seen everything and shoot photos of it. You think you do something together and evreyone sees his own world ;)

The same at the next stops. Next tp: chocolate factory.

If I describe all stations this blog will be full. Therefore I just add some pics:

There shall be somewhere a hidden bedroom which we couldn't find. If someone catches it, please let me know.

At the end you land in the shop where you can buy many of the seen item for reasonable prices and also some funny freebies. The money tree fascinated me most and of course I immediately  purchased one for our garden. But what a surprise, when I sent my other half to harvest it! Go and try it yourself ;)

Taxi: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Risk%20City/119/103/30

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