How real is SL?

One of my SL friends says: Everyone has 3 lifes: public, private, and secret. A lot of profiles insist on a strict separation between RL and SL, probably because many of us lead a secret life in SL and run here, for example, a relationship in addition to our RL one *blushing*.   It would be practicle if you could say SL was not  reality. Unfortunately,  science proves otherwise. The brain creates its own reality as well in RL and it also can be demonstrated that the brain does not distinguish between RL and experiences in the virtual world. Even though we know that it is virtual, the physical and especially emotional feeling are the same when we see something inworld. Anyone who has received  a massage in SL knows what I'm talking about. On Youtube you get a 40-minute science documentary in four parts on this topic: (sadly only in German).

 Here is one part of it, the "Rubber Hand" demonstrated in english:

That the brain actually creates the world around us can be explained well to the physical structure of matter. We all know that everything around us consists ​​of vibrating atomic particles. The solid matter is so small that the whole human race would fit inside a pea. So we could easily go through walls, but our brain relies so much on the perception that it is not possible. Thus enlightenment for me is the ability to see things as they really are and this unfortunately leads to the conclusion that the evil world around us is changing only if we change ourselves ;)  So many avatars are trying to escape the problems in RL and then have exactly the same cup of tea in SL. Whether we move in real life, dream or act in SL: Everything is a product of our brain and is real no matter what world we are in. This provides opportunities and danger. But we can say that the creation of the Internet and virtual worlds is a quantum leap of humankind. If at the end everything is one, the next step is logically that the real and virtual worlds mingle more and more. And exactly that happens as you have seen in my previous posts.

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Apmel said...

There was once an american general that thought soldiers could be trained to walk through walls because the amount of solid matter shouldn´t forbid it. But he forgot that it is the electromagnetic field that stops us from being able to accomplish that feat!