Dark Moor: Pandemonium

I've never seen a sim with such horrible mood. Don't miss it! It is essential that you accept the Windlight settings. Then you see the horrifying muddy black water. We walk on fantastic textured trails through swirling mist. You find scattered abandoned houses where you can almost smell the mildew. When I wrote about Innsmouth that it attracts sinister figures, that Sim is no comparison to this. The highlight was the cemetery where I met the most disgusting avatar I ever have seen, a zombie. Yuk! Compared to that the werewolf with his red eyes, I met later, looked like a pet. The Builder P4NDOR4 The Butcher (sic ^^), a nice and friendly person, told me that zombies like to hang around here and to scare a bit the visitors. There is no RP here, everyone can have his fun as he pleases. With mild chills and very delighted of the beautiful sim I move on.

Taxi: Sadly not online anymore

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