For the real girls: SHOES !!!!!

Can you remember the first time in your mothers pumps? That feeling you will have in the outfit that you get for free in Veparella.  You have to wear everything from the folder and you are now a member of the gang of superheroes Veparella. The belt of red balls gives you "super powers" that are triggered by various animations. And very funny is the large scissors mask on the head. When men are visiting Veparella, they should at least wear the belt and in all cases switch off the AO. If you type one of the words baba, zizz, snip, spin or mirror in the local chat each activates another poofer. And there are more to come when you climb around there.

Now you're equipped for climbing the tower. Roses will lead you through small doors. The whole design is magical. Go with the arrow above all things, there are a lot of nice animations to discover. Feel as the princess on the pea, or even as queen on the throne. There is also a hidden gift. The music in the media stream has been written especially for Veparella and fits wonderful.

Taxi:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/SBCC/113/81/1801

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