Gallery Shop has moved and Shows today!

Sadly Aaakriti Arts has closed (more in the next post) and the LTD Gallery had to be moved. For now, I just moved the displayed art of the last LD issue until the next will be released at the 23rd of January and the Gallery Shop will officially reopened with a live event as usually. I am very happy about the invitation of Ms. Prata (impatwin toxx) to Lago de Prata, a newly reopened entertainment  sim with Jazz Lounge, mini golf, bed & breakfast, restaurants, marina and yoga.

For today to celebrate New Years's Eve  there will be held shows at at the Aphrodisiac Dinner Theater. A ballet "Swan Lake" at 12 PM SLT and a varieté show "Moulin Rouge" at 7 PM SLT.

To watch the shows is FREE! BUT if you want the full experience by enjoying a yummy meal while watching a show RSVP tickets must be purchased. You can get them here:  https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/163553?id=163553

More about Lago de Prata: http://lagodeprata.wix.com/lagodeprata
Events Schedule: http://lagodeprata.wix.com/lagodeprata#!events/c1z72

LTD Gallery Shop New Location:  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cedar%20Bay/39/196/22

Lago de Prata Central Landing:  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cedar%20Bay/61/196/26


Art in an Ice Palace

Olympe (Olympes Rhodes) is one of my favourite SL photographers. Her images are of a unique sensuality and beauty. I was happy that she committet for a wintry themed exhibtion at Paris METRO Art Gallery.

 My job as curator was to create an evironment in the gallery that supports the works and fits to the wonderful Winter scence with ice pond in front of the building at the nice Paris sims.

At  Christmas Expo: .IlluminationPlant White by Alchemist,  Wire Frame Reindeer  by Dekute Dekore, Cloud Christmas Tree Mesh by Spyralle

Luckily the Christmas  Fair was about to start where I found some icy and dreamy accessory which gave the exhibtion an feeling like the palace of the Snow Queen.

For every exibtion, gallery owner, artist and SL fashion designer Rose (rfb Morpork) creates a gown with a textures of theartist and inspired by the artists works.  For the period of tie of the exhibtion the gown is available as visitors gift at the gallery entrance. I am wearing Paris METRO Couture: Artist Series Olympes Winter, a gown with matching boots. You should not miss that stunning dress.

At Jewelry & Accessory Expo: Rolled Link Necklace by POMPOSITY
At Christmas Expo: Pose Sugar, Rum, Cherry by NANTRA
Mesh Nail Diamond snow by Pulcino,  Hair Nicole by D!va

At Christmas Expo: Crystal Sleigh by United InshCon

The Jewelry & Accessory Expo as well as the Christmas Expo are running the last weekend. You should hurry not to miss the events.

Taxi to Christmas Expo: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Expo%20Entertainment/71/194/23
More here: http://slchristmasexpo.wordpress.com/

Taxi to jewelry & Accessory Expo: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Paris%20Couture/131/24/22
More here: http://sirenproductionsl.com

The exhibtion at Paris METRO Art Gallery is running until January.
Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Paris%20Couture/131/24/22


From Black and White to Colour

Tibby Skin Gatcha 7 by Style by Kira
For J&A Expo: Bogart Fedora by Xen's Hats,  Phe Wild Symphony Earring by Baubles, 

Frankx Lefavre made a great installation at LEA18 "Qualia" which is fun to explore. It starts in a B/W room.

 Walking around you'll find many patterns and structures. Amazing!

Red Knit Halter with Sparkle Hud and Clutch + Flaired Mini with Color & Sparkle Hud by  HUDSON's Clothing Co.
For J&A Expo: Boots MILANO REDS by VG + .:JUMO:. Durban Red Ring Gatcha by Jumo

The Jewelry & Accessory Expo, one of my favourite Events of the year, starts Dec. 5th, more here: http://sirenproductionsl.com

More about Qualia: http://lindenarts.blogspot.de/2014/11/qualia-sentience-of-being.html

Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LEA18/125/130/62



Now open at LEA 21 is "CHAOS, KOSMOS" by Giovanna Cerise. In her note card she explains that according to the Greek term "is the immensity not measurable and unlimited of the primitive space (and so the blend and the disorder and the fortuity) in which the kosmos originates, that is the beautiful, good and rational order of the world, which always comes from a messy background." The structures a defined by mathematics or physical formulas.

I guess Giovanna had not the Bible in mind when she created the installation, but I was reminded of this: The earth was formless and void, and darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was moving over the surface of the waters. (Genesis 1:2)

God must not be consiered as an old white bearded as t sitting somewhere in heaven. It can be regearded as the creative force in everyone of us. And here we enjoy the creativity, the Komos of an artist. As so often with Giovanna's installations I could have taken countless photos as the interferences of the prims give new impressions from every angle. Bu this has to be experienced. So come and see for yourself!

Let the compass at the landing spot guide you trough the work.




Psycho Bathroom by Aphrodite

What a horrible situation: you look into the mirror and see the shadow of a knife...

Kaithleen's Bow Dress, "Shoes Groove is in the Heart by 22769,  Mirella Bow Stockings by Pacagaia Creations,, Hair "Nicole" by D!va


Halloween Race

A spooky race track is something different for Halloween. You can rez a bike at the landing spot. Don't miss the haunted mansion. After exploring you can rez a new bike and finish the tour.

Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Wakulla%20Waters/200/137/3022


Reaching Out For The Light Of Hope

Exclusive for EB Awareness: Debra Flower Lamp by %Percent, Outfit Flight by Lyrical B!zarre

Epidermolysis Bullosa, or EB, is a very rare genetic connective tissue disorder and causes extremely fragile skin that blisters and tears from friction or trauma and other secondary complications, Cerise Emor ist working in RL for a charity foundation and restlessly raise funds for DEBRA, as well in Second Life. DEBRA is a worldwide operating organisation. Come and take part by buying one of the donation items excusively made for the EB Awareness event.

About DEBRA: http://www.debra.org/

Last 24 hours! Open until October 31st.

Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tainted%20Island/198/131/23


The Eternal Hieronymus Bosch

I am wearing:  Murdered  Bride Halloween Costume by Miss Canning, Hair Seagrass - Blood and  Death's Devotion Eyes - Basic 5 - Romance, both by The Stringer Mausoleum

Looks as if life does not want to see me inworld that much.  After some time consuming changes in my RL my computer decided to break. I spent many hours in trials of fixing them, but nothing helped. This is my very first post with the new computer which has neat graphics.

Byrnedarkly Cazalet is one of the interesting gallerists in Second Life as she always brings artists inworld to her Tart gallery, which never would have been seen here otherwise. Her focus is on artists which concentrate on female portraits in different modern styles. Now and then they appear sexist to me, but usually I am amazed. Another interesting topic are her monthly Kamera Club events, which always attract a bunch of interesting people taking photos and sharing them at Flickr.

The Setting for the last event was very special. A tribute to the famous Dutch Renaissance painter  Hieronymus Bosch. His works are timeless scaring and inspire artists for more than 500 years now.

The Bosch-Setting offers a lot of poses and invites the vistors to become part of the artwork. The poses are partly created by the pose-designer team NANTRA especially for this event and only available here.

Open until end of October!
Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Terre%20Des%20Mortes/166/109/50


Gallery Hopping


When I walked into the gallery the cows immediately conquered my heart. They are made funny, cute and smart. I hardly could decide which I like most. but when I got the note card, I was even more impressed: "In Cuba the cow has become an icon of prohibitions and legal problems. Its illegal slaughter has led people to meet very long stages of incarceration. From the 1990s, with the arrival of the special period in the country, the crime of theft and illegal slaughter of cattle, was increased more and more until today.

The animal was becoming very important due to fear of her disappearance, and the damage it could cause in the Cuban economy. This importance has been given, has jumped many barriers, reaching to think that the life of one of these animals is more important than a human being.

My interest in these pieces is to give a personality or humanization each of my characters .Because all draw me a target to do my work, which is to increase and exceed this importance has been given to the animal, taking it to the end until you reach the ridiculous, so I pose a new visuality of the cow, and placing them maquillándolas jewelry and others. To turn them into models or characters with great importance within society. People show up and make a way of culture, folklore because of its attributes, or simply fashion." (Dorian Daniel Agüero).

Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Leenas%20Retreat/106/160/21

Appunti di Viaggio

It's while that I have an exhibtion by La Baroque. The beautiful images prove her qualities as SL photographer.

Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Serena%20Imagine/94/19/22

Paintings by Liza Lemondrop

This in an exhibtion of a painter, which is much better than just average. I am sure, that many will like her works. Worth to be seen.

Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Jeffrey/163/74/22


Opening Today: Take a Ghost Ride by Moya

Those who follow my blog for longer already know that I am a bit addicted to Halloween events in Second Life. I always enjoy the funny "scaring" designs. And for longer I knew that Patrick Moya created a ghost ride which not many may have seen. I took the chance to ask him if he world like to exhibit the ghost ride at Paris Metro. He luckily agreed, changed the ghost ride that it perfectly fits to the sim and added an exhibition of his design work in Real Life in the gallery itself.

Combining art and fun to me is always a good thing. And of course Moya loved that idea immediately. His art always is playful and fun. So come and join us today for the opening at 1 PM. Take a "scary" art ride and enjoy the wonderful singer Lisa Brune.

Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Paris%20Couture/147/69/22

Two more events today should not be missed:

1 PM SLT: Three Openings at Timeless Grace Art

Gallery owner Yvan Slade invited Antenna Rae and Littleone Aries and I especially amazed by the retrospective of painter Luciella Lutrova (she sadly passed away on summer, I blogged it). Her husband made this show possible and it shows a good overview of the works of this talented artist.

Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Koala%20dAlliez/155/99/22

2 PM SLT Live Concert: My Space Sound

Betty Tureaud and Ultraviolet Alter again cooperate for one of their popular events.

Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LEA24/126/126/21


Photo Contest: Lady Death by Meilo Minotaur

As every year I am excited by Pumpkin Town by Taylor Flanagan and Chloe Seljan. They have always new ideas to create a beautifully scaring atmosphere with many performances of well known artists. A special surprise came by artist Meilo Minotaur who created "Lady Death", a full avatar. It is available as gift at Pumpkin Town. To honour the artwork of Meilo Minotaur there will be a visitor contest. Just take a photo by using this avatar (copy/mod) and post here at Flickr. The winner, found by a judging panel, will receive a prize which is a special as the avatar: A live performance by the great singer Lisa Brune! So come, get the avatar and join the contest!

Pumpkin Town blog http://pumpkin-town.blogspot.be/

Events at Pumpkin Town (updated regularly):

Flickr Pool for the contest "The Deat Lady": https://www.flickr.com/groups/2725177@N20/

Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Boutou/184/158/34


The Drax Files: Meshworxs

All photos taken by Draxtor Despres

The new Drax Files has been released with Loz Hyde. This episode is special to me for 2 reasons: The first one is that I never could imagine before that a 3D content creator for famous movies in real life could be that amazed by the possibilities in Second Life as everyone else of us. But he explains how he loves to create a whole environment. Even if you don't know his brand Meshworxs, for sure you already have seen one of his structures in SL, for example the famous Arcade pier.

And Loz Hyde is talking about another important observation. It is the amazing fact that we get to know others closer and more intimate as we would be able in real life. Obviously the protected environment of a virtual world helps to open up and to come straight to the "important things" as Loz is expressing.

Having in mind that these days two couples amongst my friends are marrying in RL who met first in Second Life first it has a special meaning to me. Just recently I saw a TV documentary about research of what keeps couples staying together. They said that all happy couples found each other optically attractive at the beginning and this attraction stays obviously over the years as if we are not growing older. The memory is still there. Maybe it does not matter if the attraction started "real" or virtual.

Too sad that this real feeling in Second Life cannot just been told others, one has to experience. We all know how it is to talk about is. People stare at us as if we suffer serious madness or have at least a screw loose. If  someone had a good idea how to communicate this to the public, SL would be flooded. Thank you Loz for pointing this out!

Taxi to Meshworx: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Fresco/10/120/31


Rust in The Colder Water

It would be a shame to call Alia Baroque just skin designer. This full avatar is a piece of art, created for "A Clockwork Spiral", which closes after tomorrow. I amd fascinated by the rusty surface, but used my own shape and hair. Many other combinations are possible.

The wonderful sim "A Colder Water"  designed by Jordan Giant is a pefect match. It is formed like an atoll and has a dark mood. The sand is almost black like volcano ash. After a theory by Charles Darwin atolls are the tops of volcanos in the sea.

At Clockwork Spiral: ANNA full avatar by Fallen Gods; other: FRANCINE hair by Lelutka

Taxi to The Colder Water: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Daydreams/168/134/21

Taxi to A Clockwork Spiral (only until Sept. 30): http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cursed/78/128/1001