Easter at Home

The change of Seasons or Holidays are always a good reason to redecorate. In Second Life we can even change the house! Especially with all the events as Home Show. Almost all items are new. And if you are looking for Easter gifts - here you find them. Enjoy!

Aphrodite Easter Party,  Aphrodite "Spring buterflies" tea garden table set,
Meadow Patch - Pink Tulips + Daffodils and Weeping Morning Glory Tree by Heart,
KR Marlena Gown Blue @ Genre,  LODE Hat Vintage Romance raspberry @ l'Accessoires

For Neva Cornwall Captain's House by Scarlet Creative, Stairs by Horatio Clawtooth, Brise Well + Roses Buckets by Atelier Visconti, simple metal lantern + hollyhock by [ba] for Home Show, emil pavilion house by llorisen,
 Elderberry flowering by 3D TREES, sweet memory trees by forest feast

Tuscany Complete Set with cushions rust +  Tuscany Deco Set by 22769 ~ [bauwerk] for The Garden
 Country Pavillion White With Fireplace by Trompe Loeil 

Coastal Shell Chair Lady + Gentleman by Aphrodite, Side Table Mahagony by 22769 ~ [bauwerk] for Home Show
Lovely Bunnies Gacha by Atelier Visconti for Home Show, Orchids by Kalopsia for TGGS
"Little Easter" decorative set by Aphrodite
I am wearing Tafeta Party Dress Oahu Group Gift by KR,  Bunny Ears - GROUP GIFT by Miss Canning 

Chinese Table and Dining Room with large choice of Asian Food
Scatter is wearing the outfit Rock Dude by FBD and Bowler Hat

Old Leather Set + Nautic Deko set by 22769 ~ [bauwerk] for Home Show
Toronto-World map art by BAZAR for Home Show

 Bookcase +  Side Table Mahagony +  Leafes Lamp Gold + Frame Chair Red by 22769 ~ [bauwerk] for Home Show
Big Band Gramophone by Mirage for Genre, Wild 'overgrown' red rose bush by Heart
I am wearing City of Love - Black Gown by Paris METRO Couture

Cosy Round Cuddle and Sex Bed by BN inc. , Diptychon Spirits by Ohe 53
Night Stand + Brocade Drapes by 22769 ~ [bauwerk] for Home Show, Love Nest Commode by W.o.W for Home Show
Candle Cluster - Malice Mix by Mirage, Time to Love Gacha by Atelier Visconti for Home Show
I am wearing Tafeta Party Dress by KR, D!va Hair Flora

Easter Egg gifts for her and him by Aphrodite

Table Set Sophie with Cupcakes by Atelier Visconti for
"Cottonwood Grove" Carrot Basket - Easter Ed. + "Cottonwood Grove" Easter Flower Decor - Gift by [CIRCA] 

:Swimming Pool LISBON by FANATIK,  garden paver path  by [ba]
Weeping Sakura Tree by TWL, Jacaranda Tree with Falling Petals by Jubjub Forder



Easter Art Installation and Concert Today

This is the TP to 4 levels, the stage is at the last level.

What would be the Easter Holiday with an event by Betty Tureaud and Ultraviolet Alter? It will be well visited as usually. Make sure to come early and enjoy betty's builds.

Easter Eggs with Surprise

Concert today at 2 PM SLT!

Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/CSULB/96/118/21


Opening Today: Ghost Castle

Today is opening a new installation by Fuschia Nightfire and I went to the "Ghost Castle" for a preview. As usually I started with the exploration of the interactive installation. Given note cards I always read later. I found a ruined castle with high walls building up as soon as I came later and I had visions about  all the restrictions and hindrances in life.

As Fuschia was around when I asked here about the work and it turned out that my way of seeing the work was totally different from what the artist intended. But read for yourself:

Quan Lavender: Does it has a reason that the walls build up but are phantom?

Fuschia Nightfire: You would not be able to move through them if they weren't. At first i made them non phantom, and i couldn't get up to the top of the castle. I tried a few different ways, but then i remembered something Cherry Manga once told me, make everything phantom unless you need to stand on it.

Quan Lavender: It has a different message this way. The installation says that many obstacles are just in the own mind and do not come from outside, which is true too.

Fuschia Nightfire: Interesting! All the obstacles that are phantom, don't actually exist. I quite like that.

Quan Lavender: If you go further you are exactly at Buddhist thinking. All things in life are coming from the own mind, but knowing that does not help to change it.

Fuschia Nightfire: That is very true. It's always interesting when people get different meanings from the work. My idea was more to do with me trying to learn how to make mesh using Blender. I needed an exercise and  it was inspired by a ruined castle near to where I live. I was working at a model village where they had built a version of the castle how it used to look and at one place in the model village, you can see the model, with the ruin directly behind it, in the distance, and from that view point they both look the same size and i thought it would be great to build the original castle on top of the ruin. That is why i made this avatar reactive, so the ruin is how the building looks now in RL, the walls that appear are from the distance past, centuries ago.

Quan Lavender: That is really amusing. Your approach is so practical and what I got was totally philosophical.

Fuschia Nightfire: I should get you to write my statement's yours is far more arty.

Corfe Castle in RL

For more information about Corfe Castle and the model village:

Opening today at 1,30 PM SLT!

Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/ITALIAN%20SQUARE/159/63/2029


A Sunday Evening in SL: Opening, Particle Show and Dance Premiere

Residents of Second Life never can be bored. There is always something happening. Here are my recommendations for tonight:

1 PM SLT Opening: Haveit Neox - The Six Sides of a Dice

I saw the works of many artists undergoing in this Gallery, which is a real challenge as exhibition place. Haveit Neox even here is able to create a little masterpiece.

Haveit about the installation: "I'm carrying on the theme about the relation people have with the planet. There are six small recess rooms in the gallery and I have correlated each room with a face of a dice.

Opening is today at 1 PM SLT with music of India and Indonesia.

2 PM SLT: O SUPERMAN - Particle Show

Particle Tom promises memories, dreams and mythologies in his show.

The exhibition is open through April / Mai-

2 PM SLT performance at Panorama Performance Platform. Music by Dj Sunshine (South Africa)

Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Jeffrey/165/72/22

2.30 PM SLT: ALWAYS Dance Show Premiere

I was honored to attend the last rehearsal of the 14 dancers and I enjoyed it. The choice of music is great and the dancers do not act in fixed formations, which makes it looking more natural. One scene has been created by artist Asmita Duranjaya as 3 D Light installation.

The songs:

– ‘I Love To Love‘ - Tina Charles
– ‘Bring Me To Life’ - Evanescence
– ‘Pray For Help‘ - Imany
– ‘Surf Rider‘ - Pulp Fiction Theme
– ‘Never Can Say Goodbye‘ - Gloria Gaynor
– ‘Besame mucho‘ - MINA
– ‘Yoü And I‘ - Lady Gaga
– ‘Ella ya me olvido‘ - Leonardo Favio
– ‘I Will Always Love You‘ - Whitney Houston

Premiere today, Sunday at 2.30 PM SLT

Taxi: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Tai/228/125/3546

The next shows will be held at 2 locations:

13.4. 20.4., 27.4., 25.5.     dance-theatre of La Performance Tai / Chi

4.5., 11.5., 18.5.    dance-theatre of La Performance Mediterraneo OC

Find more here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/La.Performance.virtual.dance


Dancing All Night

After the opening of the LEA FULL SIM SERIES this week,  Jedda invites today to a party with an impressive line up of DJ's:

The dance marathon starts at 1 PM SLT and end not before 5 AM SLT!

Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LEA6/111/105/24


VWBPE Conference: Ebbe Linden Talking Today

Currently is running the 7th Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education Conference. Today at 1 PM SLT the CEO of Linden Lab, Ebbe Altberg is talking about "Reconnecting with the Education Market".

I will not kill myself with lag and will follow the talk via lifestream as I did already several times with the interesting conference. I really hope that LL will strengthen the section of virtual learning in Second Life and provide the technical need for it as I see a huge potential in it.

Watch live streaming video from metaworld2 at livestream.com

VWBPE website: http://vwbpe.org/

The Wedding

Love is the attempt to form a friendship inspired by beauty

taken by Dido Haas

This quote by Cicero was the motto of our wedding in Second Life last Saturday in the free church of the Lefevre Mansion. It started with a ceremony which brought not only groom and bride to tears. I where not a true blogger if I would not write about it.

taken by Secret Rage
With the perfect placed animations all looked natural and perfect.  Big thanks to Jennifermay Carlucci as well as to Marcus Lefevre who was our host and minister. The beautiful bridesmaids Joana Wingtips, Bianca Xavorin, Sunshine, Banba Muircastle, Betty Tureaud and Falbala Fairey are wearing all the same dress with colorchange HUD: Nathally by Miss Cannings and a bridesmaid bouquet.

taken by Sunshine (szavanna)

Our host Marcus Lefevre where our minister too and he made it so great.

taken by Bianca Xavorin

taken by Apmel

taken by Lyrical Bizarre

taken by Betty Tureaud

taken by Aurora Mycano

taken by WuWai Chun

After the ceremony held the reception in the park.

taken by Aurora Mycano

taken by Lyrical Bizarre
Scatter is wearing,  Men's Forsaken Solid Suit Coat w/ Tie by No Salavation Designs, 2pc Suit: Trousers Black by Kauna, Hat Corvus Noir by LODE Headwear. I am wearing the Miss Indonesia Dress by Alafolie, Head Accessory - Orchkakis by LODE Headwear, currently available at l'Accessoires. Two of the orchids I added to my bouquet. The veil is no longer available.

taken by Dido Haas
Our rings is the Reverie Set by Chop Zuey.

taken by Secret Rage

taken by Mexi Lane

The place is so nice that not much decoration has been needed:

 Beach wedding cake by Aphrodite
Doves Cage, Champagne Fountain,  Guestbook table + Rose Petal Wedding Table  by  Weddings by Nienna Wood

The next highlight was the particle show by Kikiri Turquri. Together with the music choice by Sunshine it moved me even more than the ceremony. The Lefevre Mansion built up the perfect frame for the show:

The beginning of the particle show taken, by Aurora Mycano

taken by Marcus Lefevre

taken by Marcus Lefevre

taken by Marcus Lefevre

taken by  Annough Lykin

taken by Duna Gant

The particle master Kikiri Tuqiri by Duna Gant
taken by Infa Cisco Lefevre
The party ended with dancing at the beach, which I had decorated with beer and french fries booths:

Our wonderful DJ Sunshine, taken by Apmel

taken by Apmel

"Sneaky Shamrock Irish Pub" by Heart Homes for Aphrodite

"Sneaky Shamrock Pub" Barrel Table by Heart Homes for Aphrodite
 The candles has been souvenirs for the guests with custom made tags by Aphrodite

22769 ~ [bauwerk] Beergarden Set - I love the rusty container

Another gift for me and the guests has been the Lavender Partial Mesh Gown by Lyrical Biazarre. As all of her dresses full perm and with endless variations to wear. 

Lavender Partial Mesh by !Lyrical B!zarre Templates! , Pose by The Muse Poses

Where is the next party?
Lavender Partial Mesh by !Lyrical B!zarre Templates! , Pose by The Muse Poses

I waited with this post for this slide show created by Wizardoz Chrome. She asked me which song to use and I have chosen one the beautiful love songs that Sunshine played at the party, the song Maula Mere by the Indian singer Roop Kumar Rathod:

The biggest surprise came by my good friend Marx Catteneo, who is a filmer in Second Life and real life:

I am aware that many do not get how one can marry in Second Life and there are surely good reasons why one should not. We all have different dreams and SL is a space to make them happen. It was much more moving than I expected and when Scatterheart said at the end that this was his best day ever in Second Life I knew that we did the right thing. It was a perfect day!

Thank you to all our friends, the gifts, the countless greetings, the photos, efforts to help at the event and the time you spent with us and helped to make this day unforgettable!