The Tragedy of Childhood

One if the biggest taboos in our society is the relationship between mother and child. In our ideal of a mother she instinctively overwhelms her child with boundless, selfless love. But somehow our own mother was different. When we ourselves become mother, we feel guilty that we are not able to match this ideal.

Rose Borchovski tells in her latest work "THE INEVITABILITY OF FATE" this tragedy, that almost everyone knows from his own life, with a strong storyline: A seemingly Jewish family in the Second World War. The intact family life is destroyed by persecution, oppression and expulsion. Beth loses her child as well as her own inner child and will never be happy again. But also Lot, the child has to bear this all life long. The story ends with: "Lot had no chance to be who she was meant to be."

This suppression of feelings and needs we unwittingly carry on from generation to generation. From my perspective, there are three phases to mature in the relationship to parents. In the beginning we admire them and think they can all. With the realization that it is not so, we are angry with them. Many people remain all live in this position and blame the parents for all their own obstacles. But I believe that we become really mature when we start to forgive our parents their weakness. At this point we are able to take full responsibility for our own life.

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You see me more than usual in the pictures of the work. This is due to the highly interactive installation. You find 3 TP. In almost every yellow "teardrop" is an animation plus you can sit on objects; some scenes show only by that. Each scene has its own sound and you get objects that you have to wear. All this draws the visitor more and more under the spell. You do not only watch, you experience the story and suffer with the heroes. And the work is much more facetted than I could cover here. For me, this work is one of the most memorable that I have ever seen in Second Life and a quantum leap in Rose Borchovski’s artistic development.

I think I must not ask you not to miss that. Because I am sure that this work will be a great success. It is now open. Just make sure that your viewer is mesh enabled, sound is switched on and you have chosen the requested WL setting. And then take the TP at the landing area to follow the story of Beth and Lot.

Taxi:  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cariacou/199/71/171


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