Santa Fe New Media Festival: Haveit's Monastery

currents 2012, the Santa Fe International New Media Festival will be held from tomorrow, June 22. to July 8. under the participation of 4 Second Life artists: Bryn Oh, Haveit Neox, Tyrehl Byk and Artistide Després. Artée's work I already covered in this blog post. The contribution of Haveit Neox, "Stirring the Dreams" is finished and here is a sneak preview:

I landed literally in the spotlight and started under water my long way though the incredibly huge work. Make sure that local sounds are on. Haveit has surpassed himself again with his obviously immense desire to build. Walking around there, I sat all the time shaking my head in front of my computer. How can one only build so incredibly large and detailed?  

On my way again and again little scenes draw me into the spell. Here a poem by Lilia Artis:

Despite not all scens exposed their meaning immediately to me, I found myself in a kind of universal monastery. Everywhere there are figures on the road - apparently on the lookout 

The path is winded, diverted and there are many different goals at the end. I see worship, prayers, mediation circles and a kind of paradise. I was especially inspired by the cloud chessboard high above. That was the spot where I felt to be at the right place.

Haveit Neox  has incorporated images and lyrics of other artists, which increases the magic of the work even more. I think this grandiose installation is not completely covered with only one visit and I will certainly go there more often. I do not know if I've seen it all, it's just an incredible amount. Haveit published in his blog cards ofthe build that you can use as a guide. And you will there also find a list of all participating artists.

This installation is just brilliant and another worthy contribution of the SL artists for currents 2012!

Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sparquerry/140/24/10 


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