My Home is my Castle

In Pirats SAS Art Gallery opened yesterday a new exhibition. I liked the works of Luciella Lutrova, Cayenne Avon…

by Luciella Lutrova
by Cayenne Avon
…and Trill Zapatero. Those of you who haven’t seen yet her work at Split Screen should hurry. It closes the next days. And as always I also recommend visiting her Afghanistan Museum, where many of the objects, which are to be seen in her displayed works, found their home.

by Trill Zapatero

And home is my keyword today. Nino Vichan’s “Homeless” is a must see. His portraits of homeless people are of a special intensity. In combination with photos and facts it is an intriguing installation. Bravo Nino, excellent work! 

In his note card he asked how we feel to be homeless in SL. I was only very short periods homeless and I felt very uncomfortable, although we have here our stuff in the inventory. It is not about that. It is about having a place to belong to, to feel save, private and comfortable. Homeless people in RL are often victims of violence, not to talk about the health issues due to lack of medical care and protection from weather fluctuations.

I found especially the fact shocking that in the last years more and more families are losing their home. We all know why. Our governements are too busy to help the rich not to lose money. 

Do you know that homelessness did not exist in the GDR? Before you allow your brain to be flooded with all the bad things you heard about communism you should accept the fact, that homelessness is a result of political decisions!



Betty Tureaud said...

it is a blot on our modern society, that psychotic not have a place to live, and there are homeless families and children living on the street.


Anonymous said...

Homelessness is a result of art curators decisions.