Sneak Preview: Selavy Oh @ Metales

On Sunday opens a new exhibition at Metales. Selavy Oh, the current artist, always impresses with great scripted works. Romy Nayar and me attendet to the presentation for the curator, Ux Hax. 

Selavi rezzed the work and within a few moments 1000 poles has been forming a cube.

This is the only photo taken by me. All others taken by Selavy Oh

Selavy asked us to fly through it. Every touched pole changed its position and the formation started to turn to 4 cubes.

If all poles are touched, they form up to four cubes, each about 250 poles. "If each pole is touched, the original cube is no longer there." explains Selavy. From time to time the poles rez to 1 or 4 cubes in random order. Through this and the influence of the visitors the installation always will be different.

 Really fascinating and beautiful! Photos taken by Selavy Oh.

Opening tomorrow, Sunday, June 10. at  1 PM SLT

Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/MetaLES/247/237/21

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