Art on Boxes

In Maryva Mayo's gallery opened recently a new exhibition. Amongst other nice works I especially felt in love with paintings on cardboard boxes by LeMelonRouge, Francesc Palomas RL. I could not resist and bought a work.

We had a chat later:

LeMelonRouge (lemelonrouge.onyett): Hola Quan. Thank you very much for visit my exhibition and your purchase, ...I hope you enjoy it!  ;)
Quan Lavender: thank you, I really like them. good idea with the boxes
LeMelonRouge: well, I'm working with them in RL, and i thought could be good to see the effect in SL

Quan Lavender: I think it is cool, art "not" for eternity
LeMelonRouge: and less when the gallery is underwater, lol... the cardboard boxes; I don't know if the cardboard boxes resist to 12 july, hahaha
Quan Lavender: hehe, so true! Good that I bought today^^
LeMelonRouge: good decision and if you put it in a dry place, I think you can have it for a long time  ;)
Quan Lavender: I do my best, they just look.....a bit shabby ;)

So, if you are interested in seeing the works you better hurry!

Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hugo/175/179/3

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