The Godesses came down to Earth...oh no SL

 Slightly Twisted has reopened again and as always Katz Jupiter has done a full sim installation which is worth seeing. She invited the participating artists to contribute a goddess from different religions and Asmita Duranjaya, Fuschia Nightfire, Lilia Artis, Louly Loon and Trill Zapetaro and of course Katz Jupiter are presenting goddesses from cultures all over the world. The work is referring to "The Dinner Party" by Judy Chicago.

The goddesses Mahuika(Asmita), Yemanja (Louly), Sedna (Lilia), Boddhisattva of Willendorf (Trill), Ariadne (Fuschia) and Awehai (Katz)  find themselves in a world of destruction and pollution. 

Katz comments: “Additionally, these goddesses in their respective cultures of origin, have been charged as 'keepers' of that they have created; some created the world, others give life to animals and plants, still other protect elements the world depends on.   All of these elements are currently at risk due to the ravenous appetite for consumption humans possess that has resulted in the ongoing destruction of habitats that give them life.  We live as if our resources are without limits, we take without consideration to the consequence, yet, we continue to consume as if starved. “

Katz’ approach in this installation is to show the relation between pollution and treatment of women, which is proved by worldwide science research. 

You can walk around on the sim or use the LM provided by the flag at the landing point.

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