Sneak Previev: Almost Save Place

When Tyrehl Byk invited me for the sneak preview to his work "Almost Flat Land" he gave me a hint: “Look for the diary”. I pass that to you.

After I raised up particles in the viewer I used the TP at the landing zone and appeared in some kind of gallery or library. After closer inspection I decided to be maybe a natural history museum but with broken display cases.

I walk along and see much water. Walking around it exposes a fascinating world of strange animals. But somehow I have the bad feeling that this place is unhealthy…. 

Read the diary to get the whole story. Tyrehl Byk created a story which makes us thinking and is fun to explore. Great work!

Opening tomorrow, Saturday 2. @ 12 PM SLT. Don't miss it!

Taxi:  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LEA13/103/129/649

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