Horror in Candy Colours: Stepford

The American dream in prims! A beautiful suburb of beautiful villas, lush greenery, spa, playground.... who would not want to live here? Some houses are free to rent. Proud prices, but one wants to keep to themselves. On the note card is written that in this modern community poverty and crime have no place. I see^^  All shall stay neat and orderly here, "certain activities" are requested to take place behind curtains. Now I really ask myself what kind of activities are meant.

Do the name Stepford tell you anything? It comes from the novel "The Stepford Wives' by Ira Levin, an American writer, which was filmed 2 times. The well-off men of Stepford replace their wives with robots that look perfect and serve their husbands, always friendly, submissive and without arguing. Levin sympathized with Women's Lib. The book has been written as a parody of the ideal of a perfect housewife at that time. Oh, I thought at first, then maybe should a builder of robotic avatars rent one of the free shops downtown. But then it came to my mind that after more than 100 years of women's movement, the majority of women in SL  seems to need nothing more urgent than a man to whom they can throw themselves at their feet. "Stepford Wifes" everywhere! Now the horror really grabbed me and I flee.

Taxi:   http://slurl.com/secondlife/Stepford/175/146/23

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