Adventure: Pyri Funfair

Where has Quan taken us now? This is that you would ask when your arrive at Pyri. A death fun fair. The main attraction is even boarded up. Yes, and "dead" is in the truest sense of the word as you will see later. Only the "Tunnel of Love" is opened up. So quick ticket purchased and worn (it's a Hud) and off we go by the car....

A short time later, the fun comes to an end and you fall into a mine working system with rats and spiders. Many tons and crates are stacked around there from which you get by click more ore less useful things and can even open up treasures. I was kind of surprised about the whiskey, But as I've landed the third time back home, I needed it urgently ;) And by going back one can only arrive at the starting point. The difficulty is not that high but I did not know how many different deaths are possible.

Lurk everywhere here, death traps over 4 plains. But the little clues let me hope: "The Great Prime of Life" should be found here. How often have I heard friends in SL desperately asking what they doing here ;)  Finally an answer to that question! Watch up,  knights of the Holy Grail in SL: Off to Pyri and find the "Great Prime of Life." :D

Taxi:   http://slurl.com/secondlife/Pyri%20Peaks/130/109/116

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