The blurred boundaries between RL and SL: COMPOSITION IN REALITIES

Glyph Graves has incorporated RL in several works. At the landing point  the currently measured Antarctic wind flows. Down on the sim are more exciting works. The lake shows both water movement and temperature taken at the same time at Lake Mendota in Wisconsin. The beautiful sculpture 'Enfolded' is constantly changing due to the influence of the solar wind. The data is received in real time from a satellite.

I was most impressed by 'Faceted Existence'. Using a Kinect device he transfers to SL  real-time data on 2.500 beads, reshaping the face. Thus we see how he is sitting at the computer. He jokingly said at the presentation: "I feel so exposed." Of course you cannot recognize him, but one can imagine that in future we will moving with with our rl shapes in the metaverse. It's time to say goodbye to silicone breasts and six-packs of avatars. :)

If you do not meet Glyph here is a short Video: http://www.flickr.com/photos/thebrokendollhouse/6018219182/

Taxi:   http://slurl.com/secondlife/Art%20Screamer/164/66/223

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