Consulting in SL: Tarot Readings

At Dark Moon  I discovered my first Tarot deck in SL,  In RL I have done readings for over 20 years and am always amazed how accurate the information is. It works very good in SL. I have my own SL Tarot deck and have  already done readings here! During my research for psychological support, I discovered that, of course, not everyone is in need of a therapist, but card readings are very very popular in SL. I got in touch with some readers.

My first interview was with Escarius Luga. For years he has done readings with Lenormand cards in rl.  In SL, he does the same.   He has many regular customers, Some even  log in only for consultations.  Escarius, like  many consultants, prefer  voice readings. We agreed that it is easier to speak and express yourself during the reading  than to type each thought.. 

The issues Escarius addresses are RL as well as SL concerns.  At the end it is about the person behind the computer which gets a reading. For him the cards have been very lucky! A few months ago Robinia Pearl let him read her cards, and not long after the reading they became a couple! Robinia reads the tarot cards, too. She does it for  herself and family.  Escarius does his readings professionally for clients but does not read for himself nor his family. I myself am not so strict, but we agreed that it can be difficult to objectively to read for yourself or people close to you. Robinia has found  that people think that  readers  with strong intuition still are seen as spooky and scarey.  . What I have found that people are not sure they want to know what  the cards may say for them.

I also talked about it with my friends  Banba Muircastle and Zeedee Bellic who are also psychics.  And they are not spooky or scary at all!   We do readings for each other.  Both of them are so clear in their interpretations when they do my readings! I experienced that we learn even more to read others minds in Second Life.

Banba in rl is a successful tarot reader, but holds back in SL. Clients find her anyway.  Zeedee does not need to use cards to give a readings,  but finds them helpful for quick picture of an individual's situation. Together with her clients she discovers ( with much empathy)  the solution paths. Of course Zeedee and Banba also have many regular customers, have professional ethics  and are great people.

Again and again you stand in front of life situations, where a neutral support can be helpful. Card readers are more and more popular, even in SL.

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