Event: LEA Avatar Games

Bryn Oh has created something quite extraordinary:  Avatar Games. From the beginning, people love gladiatorial games.  Started about 2 weeks go, every Monday at 4 PM SLT, which is 1 clock after midnight in Germany (unfortunately), the Gladiators have to master a difficult obstacle course up the mountain. And the audience, well, a bit chaotic audience platform is involved and may act out their basest instincts ;) Two vendors provide weapons to buy for 0L$ with which they are requested to shoot at the runners to make it even more difficult for them to master the way. Do not worry, we are in SL, no blood flows and no avatar "dies". But the projectiles make everything harder.  The weapons are great and are worth to come over. I've never shot in SL before and have to admit that it is fun.

The game will run for several months, depending on the interest. Whoever wants can still register as a player. Spectators are always welcome. The best runners in the last race and of the season are listed on boards. At the end there will be a season winner. Unfortunately, the runner sim has no public access that the contestants can not practice secretly;) But from the platform you have a fabulous view.

Bryn Oh

Taxi: http://slurl.com/secondlife/LEA3/237/125/31

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