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Back to my first days in Second Life, I visited Calas Caladhon first and I was immediately hooked. I think at that time it was in 3 Sims with a winter landscape that overwhelmed me. So beautiful, so perfect, and everywhere there is something to do and discover. Since then, I was always pulled back to it. The landscape changes with the seasons. All houses can be visited inside. They are furnished with great attention to detail as well as style. And it grew to 10 sims now. There isn't one shop there. Tymus Tenk Truck and Meredith make these beautiful worlds to the delight of their visitors. And sometimes I think when I'm there, why do I still need RL? It could not be nicer and it makes me feel nothing but happy. You can't possibly have seen everything. There is always something new to go back to. If you land on Calas Galadhon you see a large summary table with all the Sims listed. It's a good idea to turn first to the right and make a balloon ride to get an overview. The ride lasts 40 minutes. If you prefer to choose your own way you can go left and grab a balloon to fly behind the Pavilion. The balloon remembers the way and leads you back on click.

Walking around the Sims is the best way to discover lots of little hidden surprises, but you can also ride horses or board a boat. Here is a brief overview of the Sims in a random selection:


A pretty little village with a city park can be discovered here. Each house is furnished with love for details. On top of the mountain is a viewing tower that offers a breathtaking view.

Taxi: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Calas%20Galadhon/142/230/22


Armenelos is built in the style of Greek islands. Down at the landing point, you can take a motorboat, under water there is a lot to discover. You can see at the foot of the island, a beautifully situated restaurant where the wine is already on the table ;) And you can see announcements for upcoming music events at the easels. The village itself is so big that you can get lost.  There is so much to discover.

Taxi:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/ARMENELOS/146/109/21


Here is beautiful woodland for a walk or a ride. You can rezz a horse at the corral by the house. Do not miss the ride in a rowboat through the limestone cave. At the end, it's pitch-black walk further through a tunnel. I even found a treasure there :))

Taxi:   http://slurl.com/secondlife/Mirromere/77/49/25


Canadian pine forests and a huge log cabin give this Sim a wildly romantic touch. This is a bit of Native American flair with kayak, raft and camp fire.

Taxi:   http://slurl.com/secondlife/Eryn%20Vorn/25/225/21


On the other side of the water you can find a cattle ranch which could not be nicer in Dallas ;) At the left in the barn you can find a coach. Just sit down, whip and horse will be sent to you. Simply wear both, after a few seconds, passengers can still climb and up you go!

Taxi:   http://slurl.com/secondlife/South%20Farthing/211/188/27


In this salt marsh landscape every lover of the North Sea will get heart beating. But the builders were thinking of the salt marshes by the Pacific. It is nice to strife through the moors or take a raft and watch the animals. A sweet but bitchy seal absolutely did not let me pet. But I could come close to the moose:)

Taxi:   http://slurl.com/secondlife/Gulf%20of%20Lune/225/210/21


A dreamy dairy farm with speckled cows on the pastures with a vegetation of ash and beech. This reminds me very much of northern Germany. A particular eye catcher is the house on the hill, which has an interior in art deco style. On the sim is a lot of water. You can row a boat and find secluded spots to cuddle.

Taxi:   http://slurl.com/secondlife/Dimrill%20Dale/239/194/22


A beautiful, fairytale-like forest grows on the Misty Mountains. Clearings with deer and a magical stream gladden the heart. On top of the mountain are 2 cozy lodges,  in one of them you can play checkers.

Taxi:   http://slurl.com/secondlife/MISTY%20MOUNTAINS/97/23/22


Glanduin is a landscaped park with large meadows, pastures and a farm. In the meadows you will find excellent places to stay and a tree house. The farm also grows wine. Support the farmers by stomping wine;) And those who are too lazy to walk can rez a horse in the stallion ^^
Please do not forget to donate there. Something wonderful like that should be supported.

Taxi:   http://slurl.com/secondlife/Glanduin/5/191/25

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