The most beautiful venue in SL: The Rose Theatre

Were you once in one of the great temples of culture? Theater des Westens, Berlin;  Semperoper,  Dresden; Opera, Paris; La Scala, Milano;  Carnegie Hall, New York ..... The list could be long. When I walk into those buildings, I feel a vibration. The great artists, beautiful clothes, the famous people who were already here as a guest. In a special way one gets rid of everyday life. I get the same feeling in  he Rose Theatre in SL!   Even  the foyer is breathtaking when you see beauty and perfection in every detail. The Rose Theatre hosts a theater, a ballroom, several celebration halls,  a gallery and a cinema. In each venue there are many events that are held such as  concerts, fashion shows, performances and private parties. The opposite building, the Angel Manor is just as worth seeing, as well as the fantastic outdoor facilities. From the basement of the Manor you can make a nice boat ride around the two sims.

Taxi:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Angel%20Manor/128/128/2

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