MESH IS HERE + Claudia222 Jewell

The great day has come. Most of the Sims are ready for mesh. Most users are not. It is now high time for a viewer change. In 2 weeks  Firestorm shall be finally able to show mesh, until then you have to use the V2 or Kirsten's Viewer.

On friday SLC offered the the first mesh clothing:
Well, it's not great. but sufficient for first tests. The trousers fits perfectly to the movements, but unfortunately you can not change it to fit the shape. So I had several "standard sizes" in my folder but not one fit perfectly. Also, I had to wear the included alpha-layer. If you see an avatar soon like that, it is NOT the emperor's new clothes (hahaha):
Visually much more enjoyable are the mesh scuptures of Claudia222 Jewell. She has created spectacular works in mesh, that it takes your breath away. Look for yourself:

On top of  the mesh works you will see a huge installation by Claudia, which is not built with mesh. I have long waited for an opportunity to introduce you one of the best builders in SL. Her work is unlike any other, of exceptional beauty and highly erotic. Fly up and enjoy the beautiful works. You can sit on some insects and fly with them. Enjoy this dream world!

Here a tip: If your viewer is not ready for mesh but you want to see Claudia's Installation, you see at the landing point a huge dark egg instead of the sculpture. Cam in to get the TP. From there you can fly up.


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