Outdoor exercise: Riding

Nooo, not that kind of riding! I am sure that you have enough LM for that purpose;) I mean riding on horses which you must NOT feed * gg *

On the AKK sim can be rezzed demo horses at the landing point. Take and wear it, switch off the AO, and away you go. 4 Sims in total offer many opportunities for wonderful rides. Hoof prints along the trails to help you stay on the trails and not get bogged. I especially like the fairytale forest, which you find in the SE area of the 4 sims. Best you orientate a bit with the map. There is also a great mountain fortress. You can also jump off the horse in between. The demo horses can be reused 4 times.

Taxi:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/AKK%20Horse%20Ranch/44/237/24

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