Funny and romantic: Yarn Factory + Wanderstill

One of the funny highlights on the SL8B was for me a picture by Koto Nizna: Freebie Symphony. It shows sculptures made of hundreds of freebies. Koto has told me that he on his first day in SL - as everyone, I suppose - was totally fascinated by the many freebies and collected as much as he could. He is an artist RL and on the second day he began to build with them, not realizing that he luckily caught fullperm objects. The Freebie Symphony was built as a reminder to everyones exciting first days in SL.

Here you can see it: http://slurl.com/secondlife//130/50/31

You can imagine that the Freebie Symphony has an incredible amount of prims *ggg* and so he had the idea of making a photo of it on the beautiful sim Wanderstill, which I already wanted to present you. If you simply want to enjoy harmony and natural beauty, come here. Because of its beauty, it is always well attended.

Taxi:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Ode/219/219/78

Also the neighbor sim Oubliette's is great. The nature looks more wild and uneven. With the recommendet Windlight settings you have great visual effects.

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