We Annihilate Remotely

W e
A nnihilate
R emotely

Nino Vichan is an artist which made it again and again to move me with his works. Nothing seem to be too serious for him to be expressed in art. Pollution, weapons in American private households, GenocideBirth Giving in Chains or Homelessness. These thought provoking works moved me a lot.

Some people think that art is only worth to be called art when it comes with a message. I disagree. Art can be too a work of extraordinary beauty and craftsmanship which causes emotions or associations. But when it has a message, I want to see it in the work.

Yesterday opened a new installation "We Annihilate Remotely" which came with this notecard:

Group morality develops from shared concepts and beliefs and is often codified to regulate behavior within a culture or community. 

Various defined actions come to be called moral or immoral. 

Individuals who choose moral action are popularly held to possess "moral fiber", whereas those who indulge in immoral behavior may be labeled as socially degenerate.

Political Morality is also relevant to the behaviour internationally of national governments, and to the support they receive from their host population.  (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Morality)

Society declares that it is moral to:
Sit in front of a computer screen, enter location coordinates and push a button that commands a robot drone to launch a rocket that will annihilate a target half way around the world.

That is not only true, it has a special importance in Second Life where a certain amount of avatars excuse their misbehavior, their annoying and harming others with the excuse it is just virtual.

But as much as I agree with the words and as much as I like the build which is one of Nino's best, I think this time to me the work cannot match the approach and does not deliver a message to me.

Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/RothKo/85/227/30

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