Some Machinima

Tutsy Navarathna, known as excellent machinima creator in Second life passed me the link to his latest work: The Residents. It is a humorous Science Fiction Story which he wrote and created for the Sci-Fi Challenge.

I take the chance to present some more machinima which caught my attention in the last weeks. Here is "Sexual Revolution" by Erythro Asimov,  spiced as often with his films with real life scenes:

Sexual Revolution from Erythro Asimov on Vimeo.

Machinima have an important documentary function in a fast changing virtual world. Here a video of the beautiful "Worlds End Garden" which vanished recently:

"Moving Islands"at LEA20 is open until end of this year. Have a look at the machinma by pallina60 Loon and take the chance to go for yourself then as long as it is possible:

INNER PRISONS was one of the exhibtions at Art India Gallery, curated by me. It was a narrative work telling the story of mental illness. Read in interview with the artist here. Thank you Wizardoz Chrome for this documentation:

And finally something to laugh, the last work of Ole Etzel "Hallelujah", which was part of the MIXED PIXELS exhibition at Art India Gallery. Sadly gone too.


Miso Susanowa said...

I am sorry you missed my new machinima, 'Big Winter,' a multimedia presentation shot in both SL and Inworldz. It is a story of depression and an outlet for that in the creativity of virtual worlds.


Quan Lavender said...

Thank you, Miso!

jayjayzifanwe said...

and in am amusing coincidence... tutsy's film did win the machinima portion of the challenge...with erythro finishing 2nd (with a different film)