The Perfect Place for a Nice Walk

Lost Town is a special place to me. Before I started blogging I wrote note cards with travel tips and my very first travel tip was Lost Town. My friend Eupalinos Ugajin encouraged me to blog instead and showed how to start. Since then I blogged Lost Town several times. Sivi Kilberry and AKILAE Gant made it again and again to please the visitors with great live events, skilled landscaping and spectacular art installations., The current one, " Invisible People " by Rebeca Bashly I blogged here.

 Idus December - The Night of the Winter Creatures

For the 4th birthday Lost Town got a wonderful  winter landscape by Yony Bing and some artists contributed works:

" Angel Free " by Nexuno Thespian
" Cocoa / Warmth of Dream " by Yooma Mayo
" Idus December - The Night of the Winter Creatures"  by   Haveit Neox , Lilia Artis and Moe Sandalwood

" Angel Free " especially warmed my heart!

Congratulations Sivi and AKILAE and keep on doing your great work!

Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Land%20of%20Glory/123/69/21

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