Christmas Expo is Open

When it comes to Christmas I can't have enough Kitsch. so I was happy to have a preview on the Christmas Expo which opened today on the RFL area. With nice Victorian houses and great landscaping on 4 sims  it is a good place to get Christmas mood and to find some house decoration in one of the more than 80 shops.

Elvis the Xmas Deer by Kearri,  Christmas Tree by The House of Avro

Back home I started to arrange a Christmas decoration with Expo items. That was so much fun! Isn't the deer cute? It has sitting animation.

Heart Homes Luxury Holiday Table Set -  Consolle, part of Vanite Set by Atelier Visconti, -
Precious Gifts Carved Wood Container by Kismet - Flourish Christmas Tree by Thistle -
Christmas Wall Deco by Myrrine - lacecurtain .xmas:bell:white by {anc}

Heart Homes and Aphrodite created a new table set for the Holidays. The food is very low prim but looks so natural that a friend, who visited me while I was working, became hungry watching this.

Bacon Wrapped Turkey, "Snowman" Cheese Platter, Appetizer tuna roll "Pionono" by Aphrodite

By clicking in the table a huge menu opens for decoration and food.

Small Sie Table, Drink Dispenser, Chandelier - Part of  Heart Homes Luxury Holiday Table Set
Glazed fruits Cake, Glazed Nuts & Pumpkin Pie by Aphrodite

Armchair, pouff, frames: Vanite Set by Atelier Visconti, - Dita von Pouffe (Christmas Edition) by {NanTra}
Victorian Fireplace,  Christmas Ball Ornament Pyramid by DaD Design - RFL Chrismas Expo Mesh Screen by DBS
My Outfit incl. shoes and make up: RFL Holiday Cheri by Carrie's Lingerie

After dinner I tried first the HUD of the Vanity Set by Atelier Visconti. So many combinations, hard to decide. The Christmas Edition of the chair "Dita von Pouffe" by NanTra amaze me with the expressive animations. That made me curious and visiting the shop I met owner Nancoix Urquan. She tol me that she is opera singer in RL, therefore a real professional in poses! It is again and again a pure joy to meet so many interesting people in Second Life.

"Fairy White Tree" Exclusive for Xmas Expo 2013, "Xmas Tree 2013" silver by DaD DESIGN
Not from Christmas Expo: My Chapel by Scarlet Creative, Mantle Wreath Red by PATRON

The Christmas tree outside gets his form by a beautiful rain of particles.

Drunken Santa Clause by United InshCon - The Caroling Tray by Kitticat's Creations
My dress: IceQueen by Les Encantades

the animated Santa had a bit too much of German Mulled Wine. I tried to give him some cookies but he stuck to his bottle.

Rideable Rudolph Reindeer by The House of Avro
My Oufit incl. Shoes and hat with elve ears: Holiday Haley Plaid by Carrie's Lingerie

After being dressed up it feels always good to wear pyjamas for a tour with the Rideable Rudolph Reindeer. It has motorbike sound and is easy to navigate. Huge fun!

The Christmas Expo, open December 5 - 15 2013

Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Xmas%20Expo%20Wonder/85/166/25

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