Home of an Artist: Ub Yifu

As traveler in Second Life I am used to be mostly alone. The places are rarely crowded. And sometimes I am surprised to see many people but a look in scan shows that these are not avatars. The avatar statues of Ub Yifu are widely to find an I always like to see them.

Left and center: Ub Yifu

Ub Yifu is the nicest bipolar avatar I know, he always comes as Don Quixote AND Sancho Panza (after Picasso's famous painting). I don't know who of them is talking, but it is always a pleasure.  An exhibition made me aware of the massive changing, Ub's land was undergoing recently. The sim is like a park with statues to find around every corner.

Coming back to the exhibition it is photography of  Miuccia Klaar. Ub told me that he invites artists from Flickr to show and the talented Miuccia was a good choice. I forgot to ask how long her works will be seen, so you better hurry.

And there is a another reason to hurry, Ub Yifu is taking part of the POE hunt and his generous gift is a low prim mesh statue.

Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ub%20Yifu%20Sculptures/199/231/29

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Anonymous said...

Thank you my dear !

It's always a pleasure to see you around here ;)

Ub Yifu