A Must See: Tunnel of Light

Maloe Vansant and Burk Bode belong the photographers in Second Life which I admire for long. Their images of both artists are different but both go far beyond just snap shooting. They tell a story.

When Burk told me that Dido Haas persuaded him not only to present the images but also to do the builds I expected another well made exhibition as they usually are at Nitroglobus gallery.

But what I found really flashed me. The images are projected, using the advanced Lighting Model, at the walls of a maze, blurring, interfering also with the visitors and combined with poems and quotes.

The visitor literally gets lost in the maze, always finding new motifs and perspectives. It reflects the theme of the texts and vice versa - what is reality, what is virtual? My answer is taken from Buddha: I cannot get confused because I know all is virtual ;)

Important for a proper experience: Have Advanced Lighting Model enabled and set Windlight on Ambient Dark.

Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Costa%20Blanco/195/119/771

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Dido Haas said...

TY Quan for this blog post!
dikke kus