Opening Today: Façade

At the rare occasions when I saw paintings by Lilianna Clarity I was always fascinated and delighted. Her paintings are professionally painted and contemporary images with a strong magic. The mainly female subjects of her paintings are far from fashion dolls as we see in Second Life. They are "real", dare to be different and the radiance of their self confidence attracts attention.

Lilianna Clarity, aka Liana Russwurm is descendant of an artist family, but was not professional artist from the beginning. Experiencing that her possibilities of artistic expression besides the work life was to limited she decided 2002 to study at the Ontario College of Art and Design in Toronto. Since then she has been awarded several times. Facade is the title of her latest exhibition in real life and which are the main part of the exhibition. We added some of her older works which are too good to be left out.

 I just can assume as I never saw her works in real life, but it looks as if they get even stronger in a virtual environment. I as happy to hear that she had more works to present in Second Life and promised to upload them for an exhibition at Art India Gallery. Just have a look at "Americana": this women is not beautiful or fashionable, but assertive and sexy.

More about the artist: http://www.lianarusswurm.com/

Come and experience the magic of Lilianna Clarity's Faces!

Opening Today at 2 PM SLT with DJ Deen ForTune!

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