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"Roots & War" by JadeYu Fhang

JadeYu Fhang created an apocalyptic vision in terracotta colors. Make sure to have sound enabled.

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Sleeping Snails by Rebeca Bashly

Rebeca Bashly has been very busy in the last months. Her installation Invisible People is a highlight of the year. "Sleeping Snail" is a sim wide installation of beautiful builds with exquisite  textures. It is simply beautiful, enchanting and an example of masterful virtual craftsmanship. The place attracts already a lot of photographers.

But besides that there is not much to say. We see the same snail from small to extra large, some platforms and some flies. And the snails are actually not sleeping. I think a sleeping snail vanishes into her house. These snails look blithely with their tentacles up.

My "tentacles" ;)  is the beautiful hat Lill, a new release by Lode Headwear for the Jewelry & Accessory Expo. The necklace Tamarindo by Kunglershas the same rich gold tone as the snails and is available at J&Y Expo too. My dress is the POE hunt item at Artizana.

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Tribute to a Famous Architect

Not everyone may be familiar with the name of Oscar Niemeyer, but if you hear that he is on of the fathers of Brasilia you should know who it is about. This extremely productive architect who avoided straight forms was highly influential worldwide. He was the most important representative of Brasilian modernism, which made Brasilia until today a city where it is hard to live but World Heritage at the same time. He sadly passed away last year.

A group of residents, consisting of Sunset Quinnell, DeMarco Galthier, Abel Paulino, Nanda111 Constantine. Cullum Writer and Pol Jarvinen built a tribute to Brasil's famous son. In a rebuild of the Niterói Contemporary Art Museum you find information about Niemeyer, rebuilds of some of his sculptures and Niemeyer inspired art.

More here: http://lindenarts.blogspot.de/2013/12/tribute-to-oscar-niemeyer.html

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