Nice Surprise: Doll in Music Box

Logging in I had a nice surprise today. You may remember that Livio Korobase, the Artist in Residence at LEA11 created a wonderful installation around music and sounds: Musiclandia. I blogged it here. Seeing this I could not resist to show Livio my collection of music boxes, partly caused by the wonderful charity event "Music Box for Children" that we ran at Art India Gallery. Livio built a place for the musicboxes and the result was "The Musical Box" at Musiclandia.

From time to time I pop in to fix the cacophony if sounds, because not all stop without click and to watch the visitors playing with them enjoying. And if needed I explain how to start them. Schanie Akina send me a link to a sweet machinima she made there:

Since the current LEA round ends this month, you should take chance to have a last look on all the works at Miusiclandia and all the other sims. As with every round, not all has been finished, not all turned to thrilling results. But they represent a good picture of creative work in Second Life. And Musiclandia is one of the highlights.

Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LEA11/229/195/22


Shirley said...

i was in taken back by the intricate detail of the music box Doll on a Music Box. Not only did she dance but she was exactly with the music. I have a website that sells small music boxes maybe you or someone else would enjoy looking at the music boxes I carry.

I really enjoyed your blog

Shirley said...

I really enjoyed your Doll on a Music Box - Secondlife.com I was amazed with how the dance moves were right with the music. I have a website with small music boxes for sale. Hopefully you or others will check out my website