Body Madness

Yesterday opened the latest installation by Giovanna Cerise:  "Fisicofollia" which means translated Body madness. From her invitation: Fisicofollia refers in a free way to the futurist theater and especially to the futuristic setting, drawn by Prampolini, Balla, Depero and of course Marinetti. The Italian Futurists had the goal to break with all traditions in art. Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, father of the Futurist Manifesto wrote 1913 a manifesto for the theater too, called manifesto Del Teatro di Varietà. As we get already from the name, the ideal of theater for the Futurist was not narrative, but consisting of small scenes like a variety with improvisations and the inclusion of the audience. The actions, held in theaters, usually started with insult of the audience. It has been regarded as success when the event could not be finished by massive protests sand catcalls of the audience.

Futurism was not only about the glorification of future and paving the way of modern design. We should not forget that it was aggressive, destructive, violent and created the ideological breeding ground of fascism in Italy. Many reasons for me not to share completely the seemingly boundless and uncritical awe of many Italian artists in Second Life for that artistic movement.

Giovanna Cerise has been inspired by futuristic design. The parts of the installation are neither formally, nor in colors connected which is inspired by the structure of Fisicofollia. Giovanna's experience as builder enabled her to create a virtual environment which is much fun to explore and gives new views from every angle. Don't try to find a structure or a red line - just enjoy!

Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LEA6/110/34/21

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