Jewelry & Accessory Fair is Open!

I was happy to be accepted for Jewelry & Accessory Expo although I am no fashion blogger. To me well made pieces of jewelry are art to wear which I very much appreciate in RL as well as in SL.

Creating a look is much fun for me. When I was done with this I felt that the beautiful China Ink place by Aston Leisen would be the perfect place for the photos.

Obviously not only me find the rigged mesh necklace at the back sexy. I went there 2 times for the photos and immediately had to deal with admirers and their "classic opener", which is always more or less like that: " Wow, beautiful avatar! Where do you live? How old are you?" My answer is always the same closer: "If you think that is important you just prove that you totally lack of fantasy and are not interesting."

My outfit from head to toe:
From J&A Expo: Aurora hat by LODE Headwear - PEARL necklaces by EMO-tions - Antelope bag by BSD Designs Studios - Brocade bowed shoes by Eclectica
Not from Expo: K Collection Angel in the Snow Outfit by LivGlam - Jessamine Gloves by Belgravia

Jewelry & Accessory Expo with more than 100 vendors and daily fashion shows open through December 21st.
More about the event: http://sirenproductionsl.com/

Taxi to China: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/China/106/109/1250

Taxi to Jewelry & Accessory Expo:  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Georgetown%20West%20Colorado/10/125/1301

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Anonymous said...

So exciting! Can't wait to go, thanks for the look!