Today: MIXED PIXELS Closing Party

It's sad, but it's time for the great exhibition with German artists "Mixed Pixels" has to go and will be replaced soon. A big thank you to Ataro Asbrink, Burk Bode, Cutea Benelli, Draxtor Despres, Kayle Matzerath, Nelson (lordvannagan), Ole Etzel. orlando di strada (gnupf Gufler), Quika Basevi, Sina Souza and WuWai Chun.

by Kayle Matzerath

by Cutea Benelli

by Nelson

This was the first time I could  with all artists in my own language and that felt good. At the opening a friend said that German artists have a special kind of deepness and seriousness. Ok, with the last I am not that sure when it comes to Cutea Benelli and Ole Etzel. But you can judge for yourself.

by Sina Souza

by Ataro Asbrink

And I am proud that we could show some excellent artists which all have one on common: They prefer to mingle with the international community. I hope I can make another event with you guys!

by WuWai Chun

by Burk Bode

Therefore the Closing Party with DJ Sunshine is the prefect match. She is an European living in Africa. She will mix Indian and World dance tunes. We will meet in the dance hall, because Robin Moore's Diramas will sadly leave their place too. But at least the Relation Tower will stay.

by Gnupf Gufler

by Kayle Matzerath

Come and join us at 2 PM SLT for the Closing Party, have a last look a the works and dance with us!

Taxi: sadly gone

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