Coincidence: Fur in Second Life

Yesterday I tried my new dress from Purple Moon and thought that the fur looks very fake fur.
My fox stole from Mimikri looks much nobler.
In that moment Eupalinos Ugajin sent me a photo, on which he wears a must-have of the Season: A baby stole made from guaranteed real babies. For only 3 Linden you can buy it here or inworld.
The baby does not fit to my lipstick, but has an interesting backround. The stole is a response to attacks, which Anya Ohmai is suspended because of this "real" fox stoles. And I think they are for only 88 Linden really a must-have. They come in 3 colours in a package. You can get them here.
How "real" is virtual fur allowed to be? Trill Zapatero told me she always writes, that she uses fake fur. But it was actually meant as a joke.

I'm just glad that my favorite otter Scottius Polke not yet has been attacked, as far as I know. His Starfish Command shoots "living" virtual starfish who die then after 3 seconds.

I wonder if these "animal rights activists" will have steak for dinner ...


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