Exciting show at Nordan

At the weekend opened at the always interesting Nordan Gallery a new exhibition that is again worth a visit and made me a lot of fun.

Scottius Polke: Starfish Command
Just as I arrived I met Scottius Polke. We went together to his installation, a witty and great scripted work. By clicking on the seats on top of the tower a pump starts and spits out starfishes. Scott told me that Desdemona Enderfield helped him scripting. We had a cozy place to chat on top of the work and talked a bit about this work:
Scottius (scottius.polke): this is actually an older piece
Scottius (scottius.polke): but was only up for 2 weeks
Scottius (scottius.polke): once the starfish start shooting it's a lot of fun
Scottius (scottius.polke): the sounds are what do it for me
Quan Lavender: yes ;)
Scottius (scottius.polke): it slowly rotates around
Quan Lavender: nice view on the gallery
Scottius (scottius.polke): and it pelts it at times :D
Scottius (scottius.polke): the starfish die after a few seconds
Quan Lavender: Oh really
Scottius (scottius.polke): yes a lot of factors to consider
Quan Lavender: how do I get down? fall?
Scottius (scottius.polke): or a well-planned jump
Quan Lavender: sounds smarter :)
Scottius (scottius.polke): :D
Quan Lavender: thats so cool here :)
Scottius (scottius.polke): I'm so glad I had the opportunity to install this again
Quan Lavender: I understand that
Scottius (scottius.polke): it's a nice spot for it too, being near the wate
Scottius (scottius.polke): the starfish are in a holding tank below us
Scottius (scottius.polke): and then get sucked up wit the suction pump
Scottius (scottius.polke): and fired out
Scottius (scottius.polke): all safe of course ;)
Quan Lavender: haha
Quan Lavender: very safe
Quan Lavender: that was a NOT well planned flight  *hahaha
Scottius (scottius.polke): haha
Quan Lavender: you should admit, this is a visitors shooter ;)
Scottius (scottius.polke): hehe yes
Quan Lavender: can you guarantee that no living animals are harmed?
Scottius (scottius.polke): yes, but not so sure about virtual ones
Quan Lavender: the sounds are funny
Scottius (scottius.polke): :) that last one was from goofy
Scottius (scottius.polke): I always loved the Goofy goes skiing short
Scottius (scottius.polke): have you ever seen it?
Scottius (scottius.polke): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZhyayeQ0Fug
Scottius (scottius.polke): here is the original, if you can view it
Scottius (scottius.polke): at 6:46 is the familiar sound
Quan Lavender: I am glad that you use starfishes and not jellyfish
Scottius (scottius.polke): hahahah yes
Scottius (scottius.polke): that would be unpleasant methinks
Quan Lavender: I always like your style which is comic inspired
Scottius (scottius.polke): :) thanks
Scottius (scottius.polke): I like to have fun with these
Scottius (scottius.polke): :))

Later I had a walk through the gallery.

Alzarin Goldflake: Deep Dark Dephts
  Have you ever wanted to ride on a seahorse? You can do that on these delicate and beautiful animals here. Beautiful and magical!

Romy Nayar ...
... shows 2 works. In the first installation, we see a woman watching herself in a mirror. The other side shows that apparently she was a victim of violence. As all works of  Romy, that I know, it is beautiful, poetic and intense. The second work, Destroyer of Childhood, is just as nice, but humorous and playful.

Addition: After publishing this post I had a talk with Flora Nordenskiold, the owner and curator of Nordan. She told me that she found "Destroyer of Childhood" not humorous at all and meant to see violence against children in that work. I was thinking more about getting mature and reponsibility for the own doings. Again I saw that good art always allows more than one interpretation. I will go again to see and think about it.
Steven Venkman: Sentimental  /  Piedra Lubitsch – Self Portraits
In the annex and on the roof I found extraordinary and beautiful portraits of Steven Venkman and Piedra Lubitsch. From the roof you can now walk over the mountains to the last installation:

Robin Moore...
...built a tower, which looks already from afar very beautiful. It is placed very nicely into the landscape. Climbing up, I was amused by the funny details. But stable builds are looking differently ;) Reaching the top I got the receipt. One wrong click and everything was falling apart. But I did not give up and at the end I reached the final goal. Love is not easy ;)

Here is a machinima about the Relation Tower, done my ColeMarie Soleil: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AdmFTB4cgGo The wonderful music is "Imagine That" by Owsey feat. Coma (ColeMarie Soleil)
Don’t miss the exiting show at Nordan!



Anonymous said...

Great chatting with you earlier, Quan, and thanks again for writing about this Nordan Art exhibit in your blog. I don't remember saying that romy's work was "not humorous at all and meant to see violence against children in that work." I don't recall my exact words, but I stated something like everybody as a different perception of art and that I didn't find this particular work funny, it seemed more serious to me (i.e. seemed like the smaller figure was repeatedly being hit by the larger one, perhaps suggesting a child being abused).

Quan Lavender said...

Thank you for the comment, Flora! Yes, I didn't quote word by word but used a shortcut, which I meant to catch your expression. After visisting again I got the idea, that it is maybe more about the restrictions in childhood through education, which destroys many possibilities and creativity of a child.

I am confused now. Go for yourself, guys! ^^