A Catharsis That You Will Love!

Blogger's life is sometimes hard. Last night 2AM German time was the premiere of Tyrehl Byk's show Catharsis and I could not resist to join it. The Europeans tried to stay awake with (as far as I know legal) drugs. And we have been amazingly gifted! Many amongst the audience said that this is the best show they ever have seen in Second Life. 
 For the best experience, wear low prim, unscripted clothes, detach all HUD’s and follow these advises:
1 - You must be seated in a chair to be able to properly view the event.
2 - Set: World > Environment Settings > Midnight
3 - Set Draw distance = 250 m
4 - Set Particles to maximum
5 - Please Disable voice
6 - Press ESC several times to release all camera controls.
7 - SEE ITEM 6!!! 
8 - Please disable any scripted devices you may have attached to your avatar to reduce lag.

Pressing ESC twice allows the show to take camera controls. The 24 minutes show will be constantly repeated. See the schedule here: http://bit.ly/rOaEJb

Taxi: Sadly gone, but here is a video of another show:

Tyrehl Byk's Live Performance at the Miss Virtual World 2012 Pageant from Hg on Vimeo.

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