Large Variations of Art: Pirats

Pirats Art Network runs an entire sim with four galleries and constantly changing exhibitions. The charme of Pirats consists of the mixture of very different artists and styles. Famous and infamous are the openings with monster lag. Also yesterday the sim crashed. Today's visit was much more pleasant. And I think just at the moment the mixture is particularly interesting.

Josina Burgess' "Nothing Can Hurt You" touched my heart.
Maryva Mayo has implemented two images of the Cubist Auguste Herbin in 3D. It is amazing to experience the art so close and walk through it. Maryva has greatly implemented the specific colors of Herbin.
  But there is so much more to see, here a small choice:
Cherry Manga
The Statues of Chuckmatrix Clip looks like heroes
Harter Fall
Lollito Larkham
Luciella Lutrova
Pol Jarvinen
The huge ship of  Nessuno Myoo floats above the Market Place Art Gallery, look up!
Zhora Maynard

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