5 Years of Growing Collections: Campus d'Art

How many institutions do you know who has been in Second Life for 5 years? Not much, I suppose. And for 5 years now, Cecilia Delacroix already committed to art in SL. Today the Campus d’Art consists of 20 museums with about 900 paintings, photography and 3D art.  The campus is nicely done with beautiful buildings, cafe, wine bar and a park to stroll and relax. The whole complex is so huge that it is impossible to see everything with one visit and leaves the same uncomfortable feeling as the Louvre, the Prado or Hermitage. Luckily travelling is easier in SL than rl and a second visit is possible.
At the landing point you should not miss the collection of contemporary glass art and the Sledge Roffo collection. You find here as well a large information board.

Today between 2-4 PM SLT celebrates the Campus d’Art it’s 5. birthday. It's worth a visit.


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