Great new artists at Pirats

The Marketplace Art Gallery reopened with works of Tani Thor, tinos Resident, Gracie Kendall and Moya Janus.
Gracie's theme is in SL the appearance of our avatars compared to our rl. What does it mean to us? Why do we have chosen it? Visit her 1000 Avatars Project in SL. She already made it to take photos of 2000 avatars and has recently published her 2nd book about the project. Her installation at Pirats touched my heart. I personally look of course much better rl than my avatar  ;)
Leda and Moya with the Swan
You know Moya Janus (Moya Patrick) from my blogpost about Malmaison Cannes and Moyaland. Moya shows at Pirats his own version of well known classic paintings. As usual smart and witty!
The Wanderer in Germany and in Second Life

Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/PiRats%20Art%20Network/201/133/22

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