The Most Beautiful Christmas Shop in SL has a Gift for You!

Already in Christmas mood? Or not yet? If you visit Patron you will be for sure! Eliza Wierwight is not only a great artist, but also one of the most skilled interior designers in SL. Her new Christmas trees and decorations are simply a dream.
Especially for you Eliza has created a wonderful wreath with blinking lights as gift. It has the same high quality as her other works. She said: “I don't believe in giving away anything than is less than you would sell.” You will love it! Here is a photo:
The Shop is placed on a beautiful sim, which is worth a walk. You will also find some of Eliza’s artworks.

Taxi to Patron: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Patron/93/44/21

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Eliza said...

Damn I wear a lot of hats, Inworld & out huh. Artist, mother, lover, Designer, daughter, sister, Diva , maid..........fact remains I enjoy the diversity of all that I do, where ever I'm doing it. Thanks for highlighting my Christmas work Quan, I always have such fun messing around creating Seasonal works whether it's RL or beyond. Interesting the medium of SL is actually becoming the easier the space to wrangle such wonders. Great tool is our SL and sometimes what I create Inworld resonates happily to others and that may just possibly be the gift in reverse. Mmnhmmn. You'll have to call over and see my fashionista's Christmas Tree when I'm done, the Devil may wear Prada but he's never been to Patron ~laughs~ Close though, really close ~smiles~ Thanks again Quan !