Art and Poetry today!

Today will come up the 8. Art & Poetry event. The concept is wonderful: Based on a poem by Margye Riba (Carmen Auletta in SL) artist are creating builds and machinima. I feel always a bit lost at the openings because they are held in voice chat in Italian, so I have not really a clue what’s going on there. But there are always interesting works.

This is the poem of the current event (translated):
Today I had a short stop over. Glyph Graves and Misprint Thursday still have been working hard to get everything installed. What I have heard from them and seen is so interesting, that it  will be for sure worth a visit. And the Avatar Orchestra Metaverse (A.O.M.) is announced. Sounds exiting :)

Giovanna Cerise built a 2 storey installation, this is the 2nd:
This beautiful work of Mencious Watts change sounds and colours depending on virtual winds. I really felt in love with it!
So don’t miss it!
Opening today at 1 SLT, open until Sunday 13.


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