Today is the International Day for the elimination of violence against Women

Violence against women is a serious problem all over the world, which cannot be talked about enough. The Italian community in SL has taken the chance, to celebrate this day in SL on 14 sims with events and artwork. At every location you get more informations about the events and a HUD which helps you to tp to the other places. Sadly many events and places are only held in Italian. Let me point out some places, that found my special interest.
At Torno Kohime Foundation are shown artworks of several great Italian artists. Interesting I found the combination of 3D works and photos of them.
I really got a goose skin when I visited the prison. Each cell shows another form of violence. This place is worth a visit!
 Nessumo Myo sells at Alaska Urban City his brilliant work ….., which I presented here. All sales will be completely donated to Amnesty International.
Shellina Winkler invited some international friends to show works about the serious topic. Take at the landing the black box and wear the Gallery HUD. The works of Alzarin Goldflake, Betty Tureaud, Juanita Deharo, Simoton Aquila, Soror, Nishi , Wizard Gynoid and of course Shellina Winkler.
Today at 1.30 PM is the official opening of the Show Shellina Winkler’s Knot Art Gallery!


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