Enjoy life - this is not a rehearsal!

You might already have seen at photos or even RL a Chinese garden. They are not just beautiful. Every item, stones, pathways, water, plants and pavilions have a special meaning. The Confucian scholar is inspired to think about the miracle of life by passing along.
That came in my mind when Shellina Winkler kindly invited me to have s sneak preview on her new installation. Enjoy life …this is not a rehearsal! What a strong sentence! And so true! Shellina commented: “It was a sentence I found on a wall in London when I used to live there and I loved it.”  She built a path of live that we can follow here and think about our own life’s. Her great merit is that she uses colors and symbols of a general understanding. Each visitor will make his own thoughts in this way. The path is winded, has ups and downs as we all experience every day.  We meet our thoughts and feeling, strongly supported by the colors. The structure of the builds is translucent, that all mingles different from every angle. I sometimes felt a bit lost by lack of overview. A familiar feeling from my own life experience ;) And I had to smile when I looked from inside to the squares outside. Our mind tries to get our knowledge in boxes, but life is not like that….with luck we could understand later in life what happened to us.
 Some parts of the installation are combined with interactive sounds. So make sure that media is enabled. Shellina asked me to set sun position on midnight. Back home I was not not happy with the results of my photos. I went back and have chosen EUPHORIA monochrome and Water glassy. Hope you like it. 
I highly recommend to visit this work!

Opening is tomorrow 11.11.11. at 11.11 PM (2.11 PM SLT)

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