Wonderful Place to Explore: The Looking Glass

The Looking Glass is a poetic dream world that invites you to explore. Alone the half destroyed theater with the realistic textures is really worth seeing. In the pretty town you can descend into the sewers. 
They are so much branched that you can get lost in it. Hidden outputs lead to the other areas of the sim. I particularly like the enchanted forest. Everywhere are beautiful places to stay and is worth more than one visit.
Currently there are two other reasons to go there. At the side of the theater, there is a Christmas tree with gifts from various shops.  

Gifts under the Christmas Tree
Artwork by Scott Rolfe
And in the gallery on the mountain there is an exhibition of RL works by Scott Rolfe, Scottius Polke in SL. Inworld works by him are currently to be seen at the Nordan Gallery, at Originalia, at Project Z and  as part of the collaborative work, "The Path". And here the circle closes. The Looking Glass has been build by Sharni Azalee and Marcus Inkpen. Marcus also has been taken part of The Path.


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