D'ailleurs grâce au Soleil, l'herbe est plus… @ Split Screen

In my blogpost about immersion I already wrote how much I respect the work of Eupalinos Ugajin. I already posted about his installation "One day my cow will come" at Two Fish. When he showed me his new work at Split Screen, it really has blown my mind away. The title means translated something like "Besides the sun, there is grass too". So we also see here a reference to the Wall Street movement. I decided to explain the work by some photos, although I think I have not yet discovered all. You land on a platform. Make sure that your viewer has autoplay media enabled and take the notecard with some helpful advises. You jump through the hole and land on the installation.
On the way round are some things to explore. Try everything but be careful and expect the unexpected. Passing though the gate you reach the next lower level.
Through the tunnel you reach the center where a bot is prisoned in his own home. Between the bot and me you see Eupalinos.
The Tunnel at the other side has some disturbing noises by passing though. Enjoy ;)  Here on the photo you see Maya Paris and me. I am wearing the gift from the matress at the side of the bots house.
On top of the installation is a boat, surrounded by floating boxes. When you ride the boxes a script will raise the ground to mountains. To flatten them, you have to sit on the chair and help the "Ministy of Grass Regulation" and the stamp will flatten the ground.

 This represents the current state of the eart with space debris. Eupa gave me a link about that topic.
But as we see, the inhabitants of SL like to have it neat and orderly and of course their own plot of land.
I found this board absolute hilarious! It is done by Josh Susanto. And found myself in the prison of a home and our consumers world :)

Here is a machinima about the installation: http://vimeo.com/34323559

As far as I know Eupalinos, he will not stop to add things. We can expect more fun. Enjoy!

Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Beleza/37/66/123

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Eupalinos said...

Thank you for your visit and photos :-)
The "perfect prisoners" etc board is by Josh Susanto who regularly sends me stones and other curiosities he captured on the internet to put them back where they belong. His "shop" -> http://bit.ly/thcw6l