Art & Poetry @ Two Fish

Poem by Carmen Auletta, Picture by Carlotta Ceawlin
Like every week until January yesterday took place the Art & Poetry event. And as always, it was inspired by a poem by Carmen Auletta. This time it was this (translated):


For a fantasy voyage I step on board
To take a load off my mind
Where I sail is of no import--
I go to be alone and in kind.

Ah, how my mind flails,
It doesn't know whence it came!
But if it embarks on pretty sails,
its fears slowly begin to wane.

I don't yet know where I shall land
but truly hope that while I sail
I shall see things to make me glad
since life on shore is much travail.
Simotron Aquila
Merlino Mayo, Simotron Aquila, Eupalinos Ugajin, Carlotta Ceawlin, Mistero Hifeng and Iono Allen have contributed works.
Merlino Mayo + Mistero Hifeng
"You Are the Ship!" Merlino Mayo consists of two parts. Take the TP in the ball and you will land in  the waves. Very impressive!
Merlino Mayo
The ship of Eupalinos Ugajin I can not present it better as by the machinima, done by Iono Allen:
Rose Borchovski
"Art & Poetry" is currently guest on the great Sim Two Fish that I already have presented. Rose Borchovski has now placed her great work "The Fear of Falling" as well here, what makes the visit even more interesting.

Although it is off-topic, I take the chance to recommend Iono’s 2nd last work: "VirtualLove". As poetic as sad and heartbreaking beautiful, here is the link to Virtual Love

Art & Poetry is open until Sunday 11. and Two Fish always :)


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